Mercedes 250GD Wolf, Custom G-Wagen Convertibles Available for Sale

 The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a vehicle with a rich history and variety of available models. But there is only one true G-Wagen that stands out among the crowd of vintage 4x4s. Meet the cool kid: The Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf.


Our team is ready to build you your own custom G-Wagen and make your boxy dreams come true. The process is simple: a little bit of time, creativity, and some craft. But if waiting around for a G-Wagen isn’t your style, check out our inventory of restored Convertible Mercedes 250GDs:

Past Builds

Welcome to the EMC 250GD Wolf archive. Every build you see here has been delivered and is now being actively enjoyed by its owner. Take a look and get inspired:

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